Industries Served

MVG leverages years of experience in the design and engineering of our turn-key antenna measurement systems for near-field, far-field, and compact range applications, as well as of our turn-key EMC Test chambers.

Our solutions support the Aerospace & Defense, Satellite, Telecommunications, Electronics and Automotive industries, as well as Academic & Research Institutes.

Des Solutions pour l'Aérospatiale et la Défense

MVG offers near-field, far-field and Compact Range technologies and expertise in tailoring Antenna, Radar Cross Section (RCS), Radome measurement solutions and EMC testing for airborne, shipborne, ground, and vehicular platforms.

Des Solutions pour l'Industrie Electronique

In the engineering of consumer electronic devices, testing is a major step in the process, particularly with regards to Electromagnetic compatibility. MVG provides chambers,equipment and services for Antenna and EMC testing including certification of devices in development.

Des Solutions pour les Constructeurs Automobiles

MVG has developed a complete range of systems to meet the needs of car manufacturers and their subcontractors, including rooms combining Antenna measurement and EMC tests for vehicles.


Des Solutions pour les Etablissements Universitaires et de Recherche

Academic institutions that teach and develop electromagnetic sciences have unique needs. They strive to maintain up-to-date microwave laboratories in order to keep up with industry advancements. Since its early days, MVG recognized these special needs and has developed affordable, industry-standard measurement systems for education and training.

Des Solutions pour les Télécommunications Civiles

The continuous expansion of wireless technology introduces unique and challenging measurement requirements to the marketplace. MVG offers measurement systems for a variety of applications including base-station antenna testing, handsets & antennas, active measurements, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, WiMAX, GPS, WiGiG, LTE, 5G and more. They target both R&D and production testing stages.