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NeptuLink by MVG - New version

Check out the latest video of the new version of NeptuLinkby MVG : a 4G and Wi-Fi system for Internet access in coastal areas.

NeptuLinkby MVG satisfies the communication needs of maritime travelers by delivering a continuous high-speed Internet connectivity (100 Mbps) up to 20 nautical miles offshore. Specifically designed with the maritime environment in mind, the new version of NeptuLinkby MVG is suitable for all vessel types. 

Sean from B-MAC recommends EME Guard XS @ NATE 2016

Watch Sean Sargent, B-Mac Wireless, Inc., chat to Jim Acree, MVG, Inc. at NATE 2016. Sean explains why he chooses EME Guard XS and how he uses this Personal Protection Monitor to ensure crews' RF Safety when working many feet up on a tower.

MVG Production Site

With 20 locations in 10 countries covering Europe, Asia and the Americas, MVG is able to provide service & sales, and local technical support from offices around the world. Production facilities and R&D centers can also be found world wide, with each center acting as expert in its own domain yet focused on group cohesion. This video shows the production capabilities of one of the 7 MVG production sites.

MVG's Corporate Video- 30 Year Anniversary

MVG launches its first corporate video in English on the occasion of its 30th anniversary. Through it we are proud to show our strengths, our core business, industry opportunities, and the innovations driving the company's vision and future.

Take a look at the interview of MVG's CEO, Philippe Garreau, who shares his insights about MVG's continuous growth, the challenges that we face and our commitment to our customers.

MVG-Orbit/FR Pylons

ORBIT/FR pylons are stationary metal target-support structures designed for low RCS. Their shapes, sizes and construction specifications are determined by requirements such as maximum target cavity size, minimum rotator size, and target size and shape.


T-DualScan is an innovative planar near-field system that offers the best compromise between accuracy, flexibility and measurement speed. The tower positioner can rotate 180° to switch easily from a single-probe (0.8 - 110 GHz) to a multi-probe set-up (0.8 - 18 GHz). T-DualScan can also be offered as an upgrade to existing installations.

StarBot 4300

StarBot 4300 is specifically designed for aerospace applications. It is an innovative solution with advanced motion capabilities. Multiple axes allow for complex displacement and setups. Visualize the capabilities of StarBot in its own feature video today!

MVG Absorbers, Powered by AEMI

Absorber materials made to last! That is what we have chosen to show you in a presentation video showing the manufacturing and quality behind MVG absorbers. The more than 30 years of experience in absorber manufacturing mastered by our team at AEMI should be enough, but we want our customers to see for themselves what they are getting.
So come and have a look and learn about the quality, performance and durability tests our absorbers are subject to throughout the production process. You'll also see our team's capacity to produce practically any shape or size of absorber materials for your specific electromagnetic testing needs.

FlashRad: an RF Safety Monitoring System to detect excessive EMF levels

FlashRad has been a very popular way of measuring excessive EMF radiation.  This second generation FlashRad will now monitor frequencies down to 700Mhz and  detect EMF levels lower than 0.5V/m.

µ-Lab in Action

Watch µ-Lab, the configurable millimeter wave test bed for wireless devices by MVG, in a new video showing its capabilites and features in action!  

John White, EMC expert at MVG talks to Espresso Engineering

Watch John White, EMC expert here at MVG, chat to Espresso Engineering at the 2015 IEEE EMC Symposium about Antenna & EMC Measurement, synergies with Amplifier Research (AR) and MVG's partnership with AR.



Starlab is the antenna measurement solution when space is limited, cost is critical and the flexibility of a portable system is required.

We are pleased to present the new StarLab on this video showing its state-of-the-art capabilities and great new features.





NeptuLink by MVG

NeptuLinkby MVG brings to your ship super fast internet access up to 100 Mbit/s, with ship-to-shore communication in a radius of approximately 20 nautical miles. With its rugged mechanical design, NeptuLinkby MVG is made for the maritime environment. 





EME SPY 140 is a light and portable dosimeter that continuously measures the human exposure level to electromagnetic field in the 88 MHz to 5850 MHz frequency range. It can differentiate the contribution of each transmitter.


StarMIMO is a full Spatial Fading Emulator for end-to-end testing of MIMO devices using 4G/LTE technology. In a single measurement, characterization of the performance of the device is complete.
This flexible, fast and accurate testing solution is a major asset in the design cycle and product validation of mobile devices.Watch video on youku for visitors who have no access to youtube.