Today, all industry is buzzing about the arrival of 5G, which is expected between 2018 and 2020.

随着无线通信技术的迭代演进,移动终端的空间辐射功率和接收机性能OTA(Over The Air)测试标准正越来越受重视,尤其是在后4G时代和5G时代的到来之际。OTA测试可以精准预测移动终端的实际性能,从LTE应用而言,需要完成MIMO OTA测试,从5G发展来看,OTA测试将更成为必不可少的测试方法,其技术复杂性也会随之增强

With Internet of Things, the connected society is becoming a reality. MVG, at the Forefront of 5G Wireless Connectivity, is pleased to announce the launch of MiniLAB | 6 GHz OTA

5G lays the foundation for a connected society in the near future. A world where everything that benefits from being connected will be connected….

Today, the whole telecommunication industry is buzzing about the arrival of 5G, which is expected between 2017 and 2020.

VHF frequencies have always presented difficult challenges for antenna measurements, with most facilities not necessarily being designed with these frequencies in mind.

The 10th Antenna Test & Measurement Society (ATMS) Annual conference will be taking place in Hyderabad, India from February 6th to February 8th.

Donald J. Gray- Director of EMC Business Development at MVG will be presenting a free webinar at EMC Live Test & Design Bootcamp on Nov 16th  2016 at 1:00 PM EST.

MVG  offers pre-test and certification measurement services for wireless devices, stand-alone antennas, and integrated antennas in four measurement facilities in the USA, France and Italy. In addition to advanced post-processing services,

Automotive Testing Expo India is a very well recognized event that showcases the very latest test technologies and services that are being used in the full automotive production process.