Measurement and development: MVG's excellence in antenna design

The Antenna Design and Test Center (ADTC) is a dedicated, integrated team within MVG that focuses on the design, measurement and production of antennas. It has developed a wide range of high performance antennas based on its expertise in antenna design and measurement. This expertise is consolidated by years of experience developing very different kinds of antennas for a broad variety of applications.

Combining measurement, design and simulation

The technical expertise within the ADTC is reinforced by the continuous integration of the antenna measurements into the antenna design and simulation process. The ADTC team is composed of RF & antenna engineers, production and measurement technicians.
MVG’s antenna measurement systems are by far the fastest in the industry: they integrate a probe array that speeds up the measurement time. Faster measurement enables more frequent testing of the antenna under development, thus allowing more interactions between simulation and prototyping.

This methodology ensures very fast design and development loops due to:

  • fast measurement of prototypes at early stages in the design process
  • rapid comparison of measurement data with the results of simulation
  • final tuning of the antenna, based on exact measurement results

Improving antenna design through technological challenges

MVG has participated in numerous European and National research programs with key players in research and innovation. A few examples are the GARDA or SWIRLS projects made in cooperation with the French Center National des Etudes Spatiales (CNES) and the European Space Agency (ESA).

The ADTC has been participating in numerous European and National research projects to develop reference, custom and high performance antennas.
Our antenna engineers are working daily to find innovative solutions to technological challenges and adapt their expertise to professional applications.
This background gives MVG a unique capacity to develop and produce antennas for highly demanding applications while minimizing prototype cost.