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EMC Pre-Compliance Test Chambers


Is it advantageous to own a pre-compliance chamber? Well, as the demands for accurate assessment of products
increase, so has product complexity. But, manufacturers also have the challenge of meeting increased
industry standards for testing compliance. Today’s industry is highly competitive and keeping knowledge and

Finding the “Missing Link” | Bringing Together Numerical Simulation and Antenna Measurement to Understand Deployed Antenna Performance


The analysis of deployed antenna performance in complex scenarios can prove to be problematic due to the realistic details to be taken into account in the investigation. In these cases, both measurements and numerical modeling are fundamental tools to evaluate the antenna performance.

WiGig Technology Antenna Evaluation


Wireless  connectivity  speeds  reaching  the  multi-gigabit  range  are  gaining  wide  interest  as  they  offer  advanced high speed data transmissions. A  wide  range  of  devices-  cell  phones,  laptops,  and  other  peripheral devices will be implemented with this technology in the very near future.

Echo Reduction by Modal Filtering Technique in Advanced Near Field Antenna Measurement


Spurious  error  signals  from  absorbers  and  other  structures  in  the  measurement  set-up  can significantly decrease the measurement accuracy in standard antenna measurement configurations.

Over-The-Air Testing of Receive Diversity and MIMO Capable Terminals


In this paper, you will learn the current testing methodologies under evaluation to ensure consistent
MIMO antenna performance. You will also gain firsthand knowledge on how to setup and execute your
own MIMO OTA Tests.