EMC Innovation

Our cutting edge technologies support our customers in their drive to innovate.

MVG boasts several centers of excellence, encompassing its R&D Antenna Design and Test Center (ADTC) and its National Security and Healthcare (NSH) Business Unit, both contributing to innovation throughout the Group. As of today, MVG holds 21 international patents. We believe that collaborative work generates insight and invention. That is why, beyond the strong partnerships we currently maintain with CNES, ESA, and several universities, we look forward to creating more partnerships with our customers, industry leaders, and government to give our customers a sharper edge and faster ROI.

State-of-the-art Absorber Technology

Anechoic Chamber View

Hybrid Absorber Technology

With proper impedance matching, ferrite absorbers and traditional dielectric foam absorbers can be joined to create a hybrid absorber structure that benefits from the inherent performance characteristics of each of the individual materials. The AEPH series of EMC absorbers incorporates a urethane pyramidal absorber structure which can be precision matched to any brand of tuned ferrite tile absorber. The resulting product delivers Super-Broadband reflectivity performance from 20 MHz to 40 GHz!

Fire Retardant Loading

Loading consistency is critical for both electrical and fire retardant capabilities. Our unique single dip system binds the fire retardants in the carbon matrix for a superior fire-retardant life. It also minimizes salt leach and reduces flammability. As opposed to single dip, two dip systems load the fire retardants into foam that has already been loaded – this doesn’t allow the chemicals to be fully absorbed.
The speed of our single dip impregnator is computer-controlled, enabling us to maintain uniform torque at any speed, ensuring the most uniform lossey dielectric distribution possible.

Long life - Rubberized Coating

We use motorized coating lines with in-line flash dryers to ensure a professional finish. The rubberized coating is a moisture resistant spray-on vinyl treatment that increases absorber durability and lifespan. It can be added to any pyramidal, wedge, or laminated absorber product.

High Power Capabilities

Our state-of-the-art high  power  handling  absorbers  are  designed  for  high  energy  areas  of  chambers  and  equipment.  The hollow, pyramidal honeycomb structure allows for quick heat dissipation. Increased power handling is achievable with forced air cooling.

Walkways – Extra Heavy-Duty

A composition of a honeycomb sandwich panel shell over a standard AEP type material. These materials offer excellent load bearing and wear characteristics. The material’s ability to withstand higher loads than most walkway materials is due to its unique construction.

High Performance Shielding Systems

Chamber Doors

Smartshield Technology

Zinc coated steel panels are preformed into ‘trays’. The action of the zinc coating is twofold; it provides a finish which is corrosion resistant and protects the steel. It also boasts excellent electrical resistance properties ensuring that contact between the panels and the jointing mechanism is of the necessary high standard.

The size of the final enclosure is infinitely variable and can be designed to make the best possible use of the available space within the parent building.

The panels are shop cut and marked to a set of general assembly drawings so that installation time is kept to a minimum. The panels are bolted together at 100mm centres with a solid TCS (Tin Copper Steel) knit mesh gasket between each of the panel joints.

Ferrite Tiles

Ferrite tile absorbers provide a high absorption performance in the low frequencies from 26MHz to 1GHz. Compared to foam absorbers that cover this frequency range, ferrite tiles offer the best performance where space is limited and small chambers are required.


Our chambers are designed with change and evolution in mind. The built-in modular capacity of MVG chambers allows for flexibility in site relocation or upgrading.