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MVG-Orbit/FR Pylons

ORBIT/FR pylons are stationary metal target-support structures designed for low RCS. Their shapes, sizes and construction specifications are determined by requirements such as maximum target cavity size, minimum rotator size, and target size and shape.


T-DualScan is an innovative planar near-field system that offers the best compromise between accuracy, flexibility and measurement speed. The tower positioner can rotate 180° to switch easily from the single-probe set-up (0.8 - 110 GHz) to the multi-probe set-up (0.8 - 18 GHz). T-DualScan can also be offered as an upgrade to existing installations.

StarBot 4300

StarBot 4300 is specifically designed for aerospace applications. It is an innovative solution with advanced motion capabilities. Multiple axes allow for complex displacement and setups. Visualize the capabilities of StarBot in its own feature video today!

MVG Absorbers, Powered by AEMI

Absorber materials made to last! That is what we have chosen to show you in a presentation video showing the manufacturing and quality behind MVG absorbers. The more than 30 years of experience in absorber manufacturing mastered by our team at AEMI should be enough, but we want our customers to see for themselves what they are getting.
So come and have a look and learn about the quality, performance and durability tests our absorbers are subject to throughout the production process. You'll also see our team's capacity to produce practically any shape or size of absorber materials for your specific electromagnetic testing needs.