Measurement Services: How to Gain Time and Reduce Expenses in R&D
MVG Measurement Services

MVG proposes its expertise through in-house measurement services to fast growing companies, such as Isotropic Systems, not yet ready for their own system.

Understanding that time to market is crucial for startup businesses, MVG supported the Isotropics team in completing their testing phase in a timely fashion, fueling rapid progress in the development of their terminals.

Read how Isotropic Systems is benefitting from the use of MVG infrastructure and assets and state-of-the-art measurement technology, as they gain time and reduce expenses in R&D

MVG  offers pre-test and certification measurement services for wireless devices, stand-alone antennas, and integrated antennas in four measurement facilities in the USA, France and Italy. In addition to advanced post-processing services, our measurement facilities offer  measurement capabilities in antenna, SAR, OTA and HAC. 

We offer more than traditional “black box” measurement services:

  • Benefit from full on-site support. No matter where you are, our test engineers and administrative managers can assist you. 
  • Profit from our expertise in antenna, wireless devices measurements and in the measurement systems we develop, get more from the results.
  • Choose the equipment that is right for you. Different measurements systems are available according to measurement specifications and the size of the device that needs to be measured.
  • Select the results you need. Specific report content or formats are available when required.