Agreement for the exchange of intellectual property between MVG and ETS-Lindgren


Microwave Vision Group and ETS-Lindgren have concluded an agreement providing for an exchange of intellectual property in connection with their disputes regarding advanced technologies for evaluating and measuring antennas.

MVG and ETS-Lindgren have decided to conclude a balanced strategic agreement which preserves their respective interests and resolves their legal proceedings in the United States.

Under the terms of this agreement, each party will henceforth be able to use certain intellectual property belonging to the other. In particular, Microwave Vision may use technologies patented by ETS-Lindgren (U.S. Patent 8,331,869) important in particular for testing 5G solutions while ETS-Lindgren may use technologies patented by Microwave Vision (U.S. Patent 7,443,170) for its antenna measurement testing activities, also important for testing 5G solutions, in particular for higher frequency bandwidths.

Philippe Garreau, Microwave Vision Group's Chief Executive Officer, commented: "We are fully satisfied by the terms of this strategic agreement that will allow us to continue our commercial development under good conditions and while remaining well-equipped to keep our innovation on track. In particular, the patents covered by this agreement are important for testing 5G, a major issue of strategic importance in the field of electromagnetic testing. We will continue to develop a range of multi-captors to address this specific market and launch new products starting in 2017 to meet the specific needs of our customers in this area."

Bruce Butler, President of ETS-Lindgren, commented, "We are very pleased to have concluded this strategic agreement. Its conclusion allows us to focus our resources on the development of unique MIMO and 5G test solutions. Furthermore, it allows us to continue to offer our customers interested in RF testing a wide variety of testing options and technologies."