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30 Years Logo

"The modern world is awash in an invisible sea of electromagnetic waves; currents of energy upon which our increasingly digital world depend. MVG’s innovation is driven by the endless possibilities of application of this energy to improve our lives and bring new technological surprises to the world..."

MVG launches its first corporate video in English on the occasion of its 30th anniversary. Through it we are proud to show our strengths, our core business, and also the industry opportunities as well as the innovations driving the company's vision and future.

Also take a look at the interview to MVG's CEO Philippe Garreau, who shared his insights about MVG's continuous growth, the challenges that we face and our commitment to our customers.

"...Looking towards the future, in this increasingly wireless, electronically driven world, what will we be surprised with next? What challenges will we face? In our aim for efficiency in the work place and ease in everyday life, it will surely result in a better life.

MVG opens the door to the progress of science and technology through innovations, MVG will always be at your side in this promising future."