Offshore high-speed Internet access: new NeptuLink to be launched at Miami Boat Show

nouvelle version Neptulink

Here we go for the LAUNCH of the new version of NeptuLinkby MVG at Miami Boat Show!!

NeptuLinkby MVG is a French innovation, unique on the market, which allows high-speed Internet access (up to 100 Mbps) for ship-to-shore communication in a radius of approximately 20 nautical miles.  It is tailored to resist the harsh marine environment and it optimizes signal reception while at sea. With its rugged mechanical design, it takes into account the specific characteristics of radio wave propagation above the sea, as well as the effects of pitching and rolling motions on board. In addition, the new NeptuLinkby MVG offers Smart Network Switch from 4G to Wi-Fi in the harbor, helping users to better manage 4G data consumption. 

Taking place during President’s Day Weekend, Miami Boat Show is the perfect place for MVG to launch NeptuLinkby MVG. It will showcase more than 1,200 boats, both on land and water, with 400+ slips, a deep water basin to accommodate large boats, along with marine accessories, electronics, engines, nautical gifts and apparel and services.

The new version of NeptuLinkby MVG will be available to the market by the beginning of summer 2016.