Test it in the StarLab at EuCAP. Now's the Chance!

Antenna measurement in StarLab
03/21/2017 to 03/23/2017

Now’s your chance to test an antenna in the StarLab while it is showcased at EuCAP 2017. MVG is offering complimentary antenna measurements while at the exhibition March 21-23.

StarLab is a practical, portable, fast and accurate turn-key antenna measurement system designed to measure small to medium sized antennas.  Its broadband measurement capabilities allow it to measure frequencies from 650MHz to 18GHz. 

If you are working on an antenna smaller than 45 cm in diameter with frequencies ranging from 650 MHz to 18 GHz, and you'd like to take advantage of this opportunity, BOOK a session for a free measurement today!

You are also invited to take it further with a post-processing diagnosis with INSIGHT. INSIGHT computes authentic electromagnetic current distributions and extreme near fields on the antenna under test. The true current distribution is ideal for in-depth antenna diagnostic purposes. With INSIGHT processing, the measured antenna can be exported to a wide range of commercial numerical simulation tools as a source antenna in complex environments.

Space is limited. Reservations required. Make sure you are in the schedule in advance of the show for the best chance! Sign up Today!