You are invited to join a free webinar by MVG and Microwave Journal - Discover INSIGHT 2019

We are pleased to announce the FREE WEBINAR staring the NEW INSIGHT 2019!

In antenna designs, the measured radiation pattern does not always correspond to what is expected. The same problematic is present in emission testing of device or EMC. Identifying the source of discrepancies can be a time-consuming process. INSIGHT reconstructs the equivalent currents and extreme near-field on a surface conformal to the antenna from measurement. This enable a quick and efficient diagnostic of causes to radiation. Tools for additional post-processing are also available for in-depth investigations such as visualisation and animation. Clearly understanding radiation characteristics of devices eases development and shortens time to market.

The INSIGHT processing establishes a very accurate mathematical model of the measured antenna in the form of a near-field Huygens' box, that can be used as source in numerical simulations of the most complex scenarios. This representation of the antenna is fully compatible with a range of commercial electromagnetic tools, based on MoM, FDTD, Finite Elements, Raytracing and other numerical techniques such as CST Microwave Studio, Ansys HFSS, Ansys Savant, Altair FEKO, ADF and WIPL-D ect.

This webinar will show all the features of the INSIGHT software including the new processing of multi-frequency measured data.