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Most start-up businesses in IoT have one great wireless device idea but don’t think about antennas. Connected devices are often so small that you can’t buy an antenna off the shelf and hope it works.

This new exposimeter monitors up to 20 user-defined frequency bands, comes with an improved battery life, and its smaller size makes it even more practical!

MVG-Orbit/FR has designed a new series of compact light duty positioners to meet increasing high frequency application needs, as well as real-estate constraints.

The success behind the large diffusion of microsatellites in the space field is due mainly to fast mission implementation and to the low overall costs, allowing the access to space also for SMEs and Research Institutes with small budgets

Continuously detecting fast varying signals, such as the pulsed signals emitted by radars, has always been a challenge.

Since its successful introduction in 2014, the EME Guard XS has established itself as the favorite PPM in the RF Safety industry and has been widely adopted by professionals.

AMTA, the Antenna Measurement Technique Association, is dedicated to the development, application, and dissemination of advanced antenna, radar signature, and related measurement technologies.

A white paper about bringing together numerical simulation and antenna measurement to understand deployed antenna performance, courtesy of MVG.