The Broadest Choice of Antenna Test & Measurement Solutions

MVG offers the broadest choice of solutions based on near-field, far-field and compact range measurement techniques for Antenna, EMC, RCS and Radome testing. Our solutions support the measurement needs of the Aerospace & Defense, Telecommunications and Automotive industries, as well as Academic and Research institutes. MVG standard systems are customizable, facilitating selection, allowing for specifications, and guaranteeing an upgrade path for the enhancement of system capabilities. From components and parts to full turn-key solutions, the right combination enables our customers to meet specific measurement needs in a variety of testing configurations. 


Compact Ranges

Compact Antenna Test Range

700.0 to 110 000.0 MHz

A Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR) allows electrically large antennas to be measured at a significantly shorter...

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Rolled Edge Reflectors

700.0 to 100 000.0 MHz

Rolled edge reflectors offer superior performance by redirecting energy illuminating the reflector edges into non-...

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Serrated Edge Reflectors

800.0 to 100 000.0 MHz

Serrated edge reflectors are economical and offer excellent medium and high frequency performance. The diagonal feed...

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Radar Cross Section Components

StingRay : Gated-CW Radar Architecture

2 000.0 to 18 000.0 MHz

The StingRay Gated-CW RCS measurement system offers significant improvements in RCS measurement speed and sensitivity....

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RCS Pylons

ORBIT/FR pylons are stationary metal target-support structures designed for low RCS. Their shapes, sizes and...

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String Reel Target Manipulation Systems

String reel target manipulation systems are used to support targets for low frequency Radar Cross Section (RCS)...

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0.1 to 2 GHz Pulse Modulator

100.0 to 2 000.0 MHz

The FR8205 Pulse Modulator permits indoor low frequency RCS measurements using a single transmit-receive antenna. By...

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2 to 18 GHz Pulse Modulator

2 000.0 to 18 000.0 MHz

The FR8105C adds gated-CW measurement capability to CW receivers. When added to an existing receiver, the magnitude and...

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FR8305 Series Pulse Modulator/ Downconverter

18 000.0 to 110 000.0 MHz

The FR8305 Series provides the sensitivity necessary to minimize required amounts of averaging and to reduce test times...

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