The Broadest Choice of Antenna Test & Measurement Solutions

MVG offers the broadest choice of solutions based on near-field, far-field and compact range measurement techniques for Antenna, EMC, RCS and Radome testing. Our solutions support the measurement needs of the Aerospace & Defense, Telecommunications and Automotive industries, as well as Academic and Research institutes. MVG standard systems are customizable, facilitating selection, allowing for specifications, and guaranteeing an upgrade path for the enhancement of system capabilities. From components and parts to full turn-key solutions, the right combination enables our customers to meet specific measurement needs in a variety of testing configurations. 




959 Spectrum V7 Antenna Measurement Software Suite

Introducing the new and improved Spectrum V7 data acquisition software!  This is the V7 version of both 959...

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INSIGHT is a unique and advanced post processing tool for antenna analysis and diagnostics. Thanks to an...

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MiDAS Measurement Software

The MiDAS Software Suite offers fully-automated data acquisition and analysis capabilities for far-field and near-field...

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Spurious error signals from absorbers and other structures in the measurement set-up can significantly decrease the...

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MVG WaveStudio - OTA Measurement Suite

MVG WaveStudio is a dedicated software suite to provide data and analysis of antenna measurements from automated OTA...

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SatEnv is a software suite that provides measurement control, data acquisition and data processing of antennas.

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Performance evaluation of antennas sited and operating in complex and electrically large environments is a difficult...

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