Innovative Absorbers Made to Last

MVG, through its subsidiary Advanced ElectroMagnetics, Inc. (AEMI), has been serving the RF and EMC communities for 30 years. While MVG’s primary focus is on our strong customer relationships, we have a solid theoretical knowledge base that has allowed us to grow into one of the top absorber and anechoic chamber manufacturers in the world.


Adapted Absorbers

AES Series - Lossy Dielectric Slab Material

1 000.0 to 8 000.0 MHz

A series of dielectric foams providing a lossy medium to microwave energy. The AES Series materials are...

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Chebyshev Applications

800.0 to 2 100.0 MHz

MVG is one of the most experienced absorber manufacturers in utilizing Chebychev absorber layouts, which have proven to...

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Clean Room RF Absorbers - AEP-X-CR Series

125.0 to 18 000.0 MHz

Clean Room RF Absorbers are treated for use in class 10,000 to 100,000 clean room environments. This treatment does not...

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Extra Heavy Duty Walkway

25.0 to 6 000.0 MHz

The ability of these absorbers to withstand higher loads than most walkway materials is due to a unique construction...

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Laminated Absorbers - AEL Series

400.0 to 40 000.0 MHz

High performance multi-layer, lightweight, flat, laminated radar absorbers. These products are made from open cell...

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Medium Power Hollow Absorbers

30.0 to 18 000.0 MHz

A broadband, hollow pyramidal shaped absorber. The AEP MPX is made of carbon-loaded polyurethane foam and is light...

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Rubberized Absorbers - PC Series

125.0 to 18 000.0 MHz

Treated with our new rubberized coating technology, significantly increasing absorber lifespan and durability, these...

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Ventilated Absorbers - AEPV Series

125.0 to 50 000.0 MHz

Ventilated absorbers are manufactured from special reticulated foam. When used as a vent material, this product allows...

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Walkway Absorbers - AEWW Series

250.0 to 30 000.0 MHz

A broadband walkway RF absorber composed of a self-extinguishing polystyrene core placed in an interlocking pattern...

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Weatherproof Absorbers - WP Series

125.0 to 18 000.0 MHz

A wide range of weatherproof absorbers including a new product utilizing a specially formulated spray-on vinyl that is...

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