Innovative Absorbers Made to Last

MVG, through its subsidiary Advanced ElectroMagnetics, Inc. (AEMI), has been serving the RF and EMC communities for 30 years. While MVG’s primary focus is on our strong customer relationships, we have a solid theoretical knowledge base that has allowed us to grow into one of the top absorber and anechoic chamber manufacturers in the world.


Standard Absorbers

Convoluted Absorbers - AEC Series

3 000.0 to 30 000.0 MHz

Broadband convoluted absorbers manufactured from lightweight urethane foam impregnated with a dielectric material. The...

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Pyramidal Absorbers - AEP Series

30.0 to 18 000.0 MHz

A broadband pyramidal absorber offering excellent absorption over a broad frequency range. Manufactured in two basic...

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Wedge Absorbers - AEW Series

80.0 to 18 000.0 MHz

A full line of wedge materials to complement our pyramidal absorbers used to direct energy in a given path so that it...

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