Antennas Designed for Outstanding Performance

At MVG, we design our antennas with outstanding performance in mind. It begins with a careful design process, alternating simulation and measurements. It extends to the use of the most advanced machining techniques and quality materials to achieve tight mechanical tolerances. That’s why all our antenna characteristics are outstanding. And that’s why we can guarantee the best electrical performance/operational bandwidth trade-off. No competitor matches this level of excellence.



Antennas for High Power Applications

High Power Medium Gain Wideband Horns

1 000.0 MHz to 18 000.0 MHz

High Power Medium Gain Wideband Horns are a solution for wideband transmitter and direction finding applications.

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Omni-directional High Power Antennas

800.0 MHz to 2 900.0 MHz

Omni-directional High Power Antennas are a solution for high power emission on cellular network frequencies.

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UWB Discone Antenna

100.0 MHz to 500.0 MHz

UWB Discone Antenna is a solution for high power ultra-wide band application.

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Wideband Transmit Airborne Antenna

100.0 MHz to 4 000.0 MHz

Wideband Transmit Airborne Antenna is a solution for air-to-ground high power emission applications.

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