The Smart Choice for RF Safety

MVG has developed a complete range of RF Safety instruments (Personal Protection Monitors - PPM) to measure the level of exposure to the electromagnetic field and to address the following needs:

  • To continuously record the electromagnetic field level and alert the user to potential over-exposure
  • To monitor actual levels and compare them to the regulatory limits
  • To address public concern through appropriate communication
  • To simulate EMF radiation in real environments



Public RF Safety

EME Spy Evolution

88.0 to 6 000.0 MHz

EME Spy Evolution is is the latest exposimeter designed by MVG. It's a light and portable RF safety personal...

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EME Wide

0.1 to 6 500.0 MHz

The EME Wide is a wideband field meter to monitor and record EMF Exposure. It is equipped with a triaxial probe which...

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EMF Visual Software

EMF Visual software, reference in the industry, offers reliable and fast calculations. It allows the visualization...

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700.0 to 11 000.0 MHz

FlashRad has been a very popular way of measuring excessive EMF radiation.  This second generation FlashRad will...

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Insite Free

0.1 to 6 000.0 MHz

INSITE Free performs narrow band analysis for safety perimeter definition or site certification. It is compatible with...

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