Services & Support

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We provide standard equipment and tailored solutions that are built to last.
Our service offer ensures that our customers can take the full benefit of their investment over time.

Project Management & Consulting

Our sales team, engineers, project managers and service technicians are trained to guide customers through the whole process, from purchase through design, delivery and installation.


We are convinced that the full value is only achieved by taking into account the "value-in-use;" that is, the day-to-day benefits that our customers get from our products.

Antenna Measurement Services

MVG offers pre-test and certification measurement services for wireless devices, stand-alone antennas, and integrated antennas in four measurement facilities in the USA, France and Italy.

Antenna Measurement Systems Certification Assistance

Rely on our experience to help in the certification of your site at an early stage.

Post Warranty Service Plans

Take advantage of our support and maintenance programs to prevent delays and keep your system up-to-date.

EMC Certification Services

Electronic equipment: computers, mobile phones, appliances, radios, and the list goes on, need to be tested and approved for electromagnetic compatibility.

Relocation Services

Relocating or expanding? If you need to transfer your test facility to a new location, we provide dismantling and reinstallation services for this purpose. 

Facility Upgrade Services

Facility upgrades can range from the addition of an extra door or access panel for convenience of operation to expanding shielded enclosures or anechoic capabilities.

MV-COR: Enhance Range Performance

MVG offers a unique service to increase the accuracy of positioning systems and subsystems (typical accuracy improvement is a factor of 2 or 3) by integrating geometrical error correction technique