NeptuLink has given us exactly what we need: It provides a secure, reliable and easy to use Internet connection on all our tugboats. It's the perfect solution for our short-range communications.”.

By providing high quality and seamless connectivity on board, NeptuLink has been adopted widely by worldwide maritime professionals. 
Discover how this 4G antenna has improved the way they conduct business. 

We’re doing videoconference calls, we’re running our website, my wife is very active on social networks, we use a myriad of apps online… We completely depend on NeptuLink.”.

La 48ème édition de la Solitaire Urgo Le Figaro, débutant le 04 juin prochain à Bordeaux, se réjouit que NeptuLinkby MVG soit à nouveau fournisseur officiel.

The new version of NeptuLink, the maritime modem for 4G at sea, with its integrated WiFi router will be introduced to the marine & boating community gathering for the Miami International Boat Show this coming February 16-20.

NAUTIC Paris is the last stop of the year for NeptuLink by MVG .

After a successful participation in the METSTRADE event in 2015, MVG is proud to present the new and now available version of NeptuLink by MVG  at the 2016 edition.

NEPTULINK will be making connections at the NMEA - National Marine Electronics Association Expo - this coming Septe

- The final stage of the Solitaire Le Figaro Bompard 2016 will be broadcasted LIVE on Facebook and on the website of the race.

- This live video is made possible thanks to NeptuLink - official partner of the event.

A un mois du coup d’envoi des festivités du Grand Départ à Deauville, La Solitaire Bompard – Le Figaro se réjouit d’accueillir NeptuLinkby MVG comme fournisseur officiel.