MVG’s recent report reveals a 44% upturn in order intakes of its highly accurate lab-based, multi-probe antenna test and measurement system, the StarLab. 

Part of its ‘Little Big Lab’ portfolio of compact and portable testing equipment, StarLab is one of the most comprehensively designed products of its kind. Having undergone over 15 years of proactive regeneration, it continues to meet the everchanging antenna testing and measurement requirements across different industries.

Both StarLab and StarLab 50 GHz perform passive antenna and OTA measurements to class-leading standards, their measurement speed has improved with each model upgrade and their typical dynamic range has evolved to fully support Wi-Fi, LTE and upcoming protocols.

Philippe Garreau, CEO of MVG, comments on the rise in lab-based antenna testing technology:

“We are continually evolving our StarLab technology in line with 5G testing challenges which include the usage of higher frequency bands in the absence of physical connectors. It is a compact and portable solution to in-lab OTA testing. With different versions of the product, we are able to offer our customers the right StarLab technology according to the products and antennas they are testing.” 

“As a research and development test tool, BBox needs to be calibrated precisely and carefully for both conducted and Over-The-Air (OTA) testing.

5G NR expands into higher frequencies and uses new technologies that increase complexity in the way signals are built, transmitted and processed compared to 4G.

Wireless connectivity has become a key strategic technology for the automotive industry.

引领创新天线测试技术的系统生产厂商——法国Microwave Vision Group (以下简称MVG)报告称,其高精度、专供实验室使用的多探头天线测试测量系统StarLab的订单量飙增了44%。*

MVG experts will attend MWE (Microwave Workshop & Exhibition) 2018, an annual must-attend event, to discuss flexible antenna testing products and solutions of RF/microwave, millimeter wave for 5G communications, automotive and aerosp

信息所及,物物相连。5G对于各行各业来说都是一个非常大的市场机遇,各种全新的业务已经随之诞生:无人驾驶汽车及服务、医疗服务、消费电子、智能家居、城市、工厂等等。5G 的部署将从根本上改变无线技术及其相关测试。此次研讨会上,我们将为您全面展示5G天线测试技术在不同应用场景的应用和挑战,并为您介绍能满足高频段(40 GHz、毫米波)和低频段(6 GHz以下)测试需求以及针对Massive MIMO和基站天线测试的MVG专业解决方案。


随着无线通信技术的迭代演进,移动终端的空间辐射功率和接收机性能OTA(Over The Air)测试标准正越来越受重视,尤其是在后4G时代和5G时代的到来之际。OTA测试可以精准预测移动终端的实际性能,从LTE应用而言,需要完成MIMO OTA测试,从5G发展来看,OTA测试将更成为必不可少的测试方法,其技术复杂性也会随之增强

With Internet of Things, the connected society is becoming a reality. MVG, at the Forefront of 5G Wireless Connectivity, is pleased to announce the launch of MiniLAB | 6 GHz OTA