Standardized testing of devices is important for development, verification and type approval activities. The scope of standardization is to guarantee that widely accepted and fully validated test methods are available so that test results can be reproduced independently for the test system implementation. MVG is committed to following the evolution of the different telecommunication protocols and to ensuring its presence in the standardization committees in order to actively contribute to test plan development.

MVG’s Involvement in Antenna Test and Measurement Standardization Committees
Since 2004, MVG has fully supported the Group’s Scientific Director Lars Jacob Foged’s activity as Secretary of the IEEE Antenna Standards Committee. In recent years, we have contributed to standardization activities such as :

  • IEEE STD 145-2013 “Standard for Definitions of Terms for Antennas”,
  • IEEE STD 1720-2012 “Recommended Practice for Near-Field Antenna Measurements”
  • IEEE STD 149 “Standard Test Procedures for Antennas” (ongoing revision)
  • IEC 62209 standard(s) on human exposure to electromagnetic fields (continued development)

MVG’s Contributions in Different Standards Committees
In 3GPP, we are contributing to:

  • Active Antenna Stations (AAS) Over-the-air (OTA) testing
  • Over-The-Air MIMO (MIMO-OTA) testing
  • New Radio (NR) 5G studies working groups

In 2012-2013, MVG assisted in providing evidence that the multi-probe anechoic chamber (MPAC) setup was fulfilling the 3GPP/CTIA requirements for MIMO OTA. During this period of time, most of the data presented by MVG was peer-reviewed by the 3GPP RAN4 group and was approved for inclusion in the 3GPP TR37.977, which is the only 3GPP reference for MIMO OTA measurements.

In addition, MVG has contributed to the development of the AAS BS OTA standard for EIRP and EIS testing of AAS Base Stations.  Near Field testing has been recognized as a valid testing method for AAS BS OTA tests and hence included in the 3GPP TR 37.842 which is the only standard for AAS BS OTA.

MVG has also been contributing to the next release of the 3GPP standard specification (TR37.843) in which the conformance testing part would include OTA tests for parameters such as EVM (Error Vector Magnitude), ACLR (Adjacent Channe Leakage Ratio), Spurious Emissions, etc.

As a longtime active technical contributor to the CTIA standards committees, MVG has become one of the first CTIA Authorized Test Labs (CATL) for Over-the-Air performance Testing in March 2005. We have also been the key company for the release of the first 2x2 MIMO OTA Test Plan.

More specifically, MVG is also active in CCSA (Chinese Communications Standard Association) for MIMO OTA testing and BS (Base Station) antenna measurement working groups.

A Continuous Commitment places MVG at the Forefront of 5G
With the evolution of wireless technology in mind, MVG continues to actively support the wireless 5G – New Radio (NR) in 3GPP. Here below the timeframe showcasing MVG’s main contributions from Q4 2016 to today.

Follow MVG’s Standards Info and stay tuned to our activities! You will also learn more about the development of related wireless standards including 5G in different committees.

Certificados de Cumplimiento

Es la estrategia de nuestra empresa para seguir la evolución de los diferentes protocolos de telecomunicaciones y para estar presente en los comités de normalización a forma de contribuir activamente a las redacciones de los planes de prueba.

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