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Parrot Drones | Wireless Connectivity Testing for the Drones of the Future

Parrot Drone case study

Read how the world’s second largest manufacturer of general public drone technology, Parrot Drones, used the StarLab in its development phase which helped them meet all relevant testing and operational standards, and also optimized the performance of its new products for localization, reliability and range.  

Borinken Marine Group's tugs and barges

The Borinken Marine Group (BMG), a family-owned and operated tug and barge service provider in Puerto Rico uses NeptuLink to maintain communications and operations with their fleet, while providing added benefits for their crew.

Sailing Vessel Ingenium

John and Boni Wagner-Stafford left Canada 3 years ago. Since 2015, they have been living on Ingenium, their 40-foot cruising sailboat.
As they aimed to establish a new life onboard while travelling by sea, John and Boni needed a good Internet connection in order to continue doing business no matter where they would be sailing.

Plume Design, Inc. | Staying Ahead of the Game

MVG SG24 @ Plume

Learn how Plume is staying ahead of the game, ensuring time-to-market and the sustainability of its IoT products. With the knowledge that antenna performance is key in the success of IoT, Plume has invested in an MVG SG24 to test the OTA wireless performance of its Pods, gain speed and accuracy in product development, and get a head start on next-generation ideas.




The sea’s version of the Saint-Bernard with a NeptuLink connection

CASE STUDY: The Abeille Bourbon

The Abeille Bourbon is an emblematic vessel.
Providing assistance, salvage and pollution remediation, this tug (abbreviated RIAS in French) from the BOURBON group is chartered by the French Navy and remains on call 365-days a year with two, 12-strong merchant navy crews that work alternate months. The vessel carries out emergency missions along the Atlantic Coast, particularly in the Ushant shipping lane, a maritime motorway that has approximately 120 ships passing through it every day.

Cambridge Consultants / I've never worked with equipment like that before


The SG 64 – named after its ring of 64 test antennas that looks like the portal from a sci-fi movie – is within a fully anechoic 6m-cube test chamber. It can perform full three-dimensional measurements and visualisations of the performance of both the radio and antennas of devices over the air – enabling body-worn products and their antennas to be accurately measured in situ. Watch Cambridge Consultants testimony explaining how they use this system.

NeptuLink by MVG, official partner of the race La Solitaire Bompard Le Figaro 2016

Having access to a high-speed connection at sea is of upmost importance for the famous La Solitaire Bompard Le Figaro 2016 race organizers as their challenge is manifold: ensure the security of 39 boats and their skippers at sea, monitor the race equity and broadcast the nautical race live without any interruption.

For its 47th edition in July 2016, La Solitaire Bompard Le Figaro asked MVG to become one of its official partners. Take a look at our customer testimonial to find out how NeptuLink helps the race organisers to benefit the 4G connectivity and make their first Live race broadcasting a success?


NeptuLink by MVG Adoptado por Profesionales de la Marina

NeptuLink in situ

Seis meses después de su lanzamiento comercial, en vísperas de METSTRADE, Amsterdam, hablamos con tres clientes (Les Pilotes de la Loire, IFREMER y IXSurvey) entre los primeros en utilizar NeptuLinkby MVG para averiguar cómo está funcionando en su negocio y qué diferencia ha hecho.

Un dosímetro RF para informar al público

Antennes BTS

El aumento de la exposición humana a la radiofrecuencia genera inquietudes públicas. Descubra cómo EME SPY es utilizado por el Ayuntamiento de Bourges para abordar estas preocupaciones públicas.

Allegro MicroSystems se beneficia de tener una cámara de pruebas en sus instalaciones!

Allegro MicroSystems 现场测试设备

Allegro MicroSystems comenzó a explorar los distintos proveedores en septiembre pasado a fin de estudiar tanto el mercado nuevo y usado. Cuáles fueron las motivos en la selección de MVG como el proveedor? “ La experiencia de MVG se presentó como muy fuerte durante el proceso de selección y la discusión en detalle demostraron que podían satisfacer nuestras necesidades” Dice Richard- Garvey,  Director de Ingeniería de sistemas at Allegro MicroSystems.