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Validation and Improvement for Worlds's First High-throughput Satellite Terminal

Understanding that time to market is crucial for startup businesses, MVG supported the Isotropics team in completing their testing phase in a timely fashion, fueling rapid progress in the development of their terminals.

Read how Isotropic Systems is benefitting from the use of MVG infrastructure and assets and state-of-the-art measurement technology, as they gain time and reduce expenses in R&D. 

TMYTEK | mmWave OTA Testing Gives Proof of Concept for 5G Beamforming Solution

BBox case study

5G NR mmWave uses dynamically-steerable beams which maximise connectivity by directing as much of the signal toward the device as possible. These steerable beams and their associated electronics need to be calibrated and measured through advanced OTA tests to ensure the connectivity is optimized.

TMYTEK had this exact testing requirement for "BBox", their new Beamformer Box. 

Read how MVG's StarLab 50 GHz helps TMYTEK achieve their proof of concept testing and accelerates their product process significantly, to the point where they are now confirming orders with potential customers.

Parrot Drones | Wireless Connectivity Testing for the Drones of the Future

Parrot Drone case study

Read how the world’s second largest manufacturer of general public drone technology, Parrot Drones, used the StarLab in its development phase which helped them meet all relevant testing and operational standards, and also optimized the performance of its new products for localization, reliability and range.  

Plume Design, Inc. | Staying Ahead of the Game

MVG SG24 @ Plume

Learn how Plume is staying ahead of the game, ensuring time-to-market and the sustainability of its IoT products. With the knowledge that antenna performance is key in the success of IoT, Plume has invested in an MVG SG24 to test the OTA wireless performance of its Pods, gain speed and accuracy in product development, and get a head start on next-generation ideas.




Cambridge Consultants / I've never worked with equipment like that before


The SG 64 – named after its ring of 64 test antennas that looks like the portal from a sci-fi movie – is within a fully anechoic 6m-cube test chamber. It can perform full three-dimensional measurements and visualisations of the performance of both the radio and antennas of devices over the air – enabling body-worn products and their antennas to be accurately measured in situ. Watch Cambridge Consultants testimony explaining how they use this system.

La Empresa de Antenas elige StarLab como solución óptima

Antenna Company客户案例

Con los desarrollos de la tecnología en la industria inalámbrica que se mueven a un ritmo acelerado, los requisitos para los que sirven a la industria a ser más rápidos, más eficientes y precisos son en consecuencia más exigentes. La Empresa de Antenas asumió el reto de mejorar el tiempo de respuesta sin comprometer las normas de precisión. Decidieron traer sus capacidades de prueba a sus instalaciones. El Starlab de MVG fue su sistema de medición elegido y rápidamente descubrieron en qué medida su elección ha sido beneficiosa para cumplir con las necesidades de sus clientes.