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NeptuLink by MVG

The expectation for instant communication regardless of location in today’s world is now a priority.
NeptuLinkby MVG is a modem that provides a continuous high speed Internet connection (100 Mbps) up to 20 nautical miles offshore. It satisfies the communication needs of maritime travelers seeking an offshore, reliable Internet connection. NeptuLinkby MVG has been designed specifically with the maritime environment in mind. With reinforced mechanics, it is tailored to withstand harsh marine conditions: high winds, corrosive elements, and the swells and lulls of the ocean. 

The Broadest Choice of Antenna Measurement Solutions

The Microwave Vision Group manufactures systems for measuring electromagnetic fields. With the technology mastered through its own invention and know-how: electronic scanning sensor networks, instant, precise, highly dynamic measurements are obtainable without coupling antennas. MICROWAVE VISION is born of this technological leap, breaking with traditional technologies based on simple switches between probes. This innovation continues to give MVG the competitive edge. 

First Choice for EMC Testing

Whether testing for emissions, immunity, compliance or pre-compliance, MVG’s portfolio of EMC Testing products help you to optimize your testing processes. MVG brings together technical excellence and first class R&D to deliver innovative EMC Testing products for both the European and worldwide markets. 

The Smart Choice for RF Safety

MVG’s portfolio of RF Safety products make your RF safety our priority. MVG brings together technical excellence and first class R&D to deliver innovative safety products for both the European and worldwide markets.