MVG at the heart of OTA test challenges and solutions - check out the Microwave Journal eBook now!

5G NR expands into higher frequencies and uses new technologies that increase complexity in the way signals are built, transmitted and processed compared to 4G. As the standard continues to evolve, more new features will be added so testing needs to be flexible and ready to adapt to the higher mmWave frequencies with wider bandwidths, denser waveforms and a growing number of test cases.

This latest eBook of Microwave Journal starts out with a couple of general articles about 5G testing challenges and a 5G NR standards overview. One article provides an overview of the various test methods including the advantages and disadvantages of the methods. Then it summarizes some of the solutions available from 9 leading test and measurement companies in this field, including MVG's solutions. You will be able to read the latest case study on how MVG's mmWave OTA test system provides proof of concept for measuring 5G beamforming.

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