MVG is proud to introduce the Dual-Ridge Horn (18-40 GHz), the new addition to the EMC Antenna Family.

VHF frequencies have always presented difficult challenges for antenna measurements, with most facilities not necessarily being designed with these frequencies in mind.

The 10th Antenna Test & Measurement Society (ATMS) Annual conference will be taking place in Hyderabad, India from February 6th to February 8th.

MVG has used its expertise and experience in antenna design to develop an innovating line of antennas for EMC and, more specifically for EMI testing.

MVG will be participating at the EMC Europe Symposium taking place in the main Campus of Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland from September 5th to September 9th 2016.

This year the one day AMTA European Regional event is taking place in Naples, Italy on May 23rd in the lecture Hall of the Partenope Conference Center, one of the Congress Centers of the University of Naples- Federico II