法国MVG – 微波视野股份有限公司(“MVG”)于2016年8月即针对深圳市新益技术有限公司(“深圳新益”)侵害发明专利权纠纷一案在广东省深圳市中级人民法院提出以下主要诉讼请求:


"The modern world is awash in an invisible sea of electromagnetic waves; currents of energy upon which our increasingly digital world depend. MVG’s innovation is driven by the endless possibilities of application of this energy to im

The biennial "European School of Antenna" (ESoA) Chinese courses are back this summer! The courses will be held once again in both Beijing and Shanghai. Are you looking for a close and high-quality dialogue with industry experts?

MVG is proud to announce the release of its official “WeChat” account! Addressing mainly the Chinese market, this powerful communication tool enables MVG to push feeds to subscribers and to interact with them.

Microwave Vision Group (以下简称MVG集团) 是全球领先的天线测试测量系统、射频安全设备和电磁兼容的制造生产厂商。其源头企业SATIMO公司最早于1986年创建于法国。随着业务扩展, MVG集团于2008年正式成立,旗下包括SATIMO, ORBIT/FR, AEMI 和Rainford四大工业企业。  

While localisation services gain momentum among the high-end mobile phone market - especially Smartphones - SATIMO extends its Antenna Measurement System software scope by adding A-GPS testing capabilities.

SATIMO and ORBIT/FR will demonstrate a hybrid system at EUCAP 2009.

A new hybrid scanner system was demonstrated at the 2008 AMTA Symposium in Boston. Hybrid systems are composed of SATIMO's probe array together with ORBIT/FR’s mechanical positioners.