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Antenna Measurement and Radome Test Systems Product Overview

This product overview presents our offering of standard multi-probe,single-probe and hybrid systems.

RF Safety Overview - EMF Measurement and Monitoring Tools

A comprehensive overview presenting both worker and public safety ranges of Radio Frequency (RF) instruments to measure the level of exposure to electromagnetic fields. 

Measurement Services Brochure

Be on time: benefit from our fast measurement services! We offer pre-test and certification measurement services for wireless devices, stand-alone antennas, and integrated antennas in four measurem

Compact Range Overview

Over 30 years of engineering know-how goes into the design and manufacturing of compact range systems from MVG.

Flexible EMC Test & Measurement Solutions

Whether testing for emissions, immunity, compliance or pre-compliance, MVG’s portfolio of EMC Testing products, in particular, helps you to optimize your testing processes.

5G Antenna Test and Measurement Systems Overview

At MVG, our ambition is to be at the leading edge of what the market needs in terms of 5G testing.

RF Systems and Units

Radio  Frequency  measurement  systems,  or  RF  systems,  are  based  on  up  or  down frequency  conversion  (IF  Signal)  through  mixers  or  frequency  multipliers.  The  RF system is used for

Spectrum V7 Data Acquisition & Analysis Software - Brochure

Introducing the new and improved Spectrum V7 data acquisition software!  This is the V7 version of both 959 Acquisition and 959 DataPro modules. This upgrade supports Windows 10.

RCS Pylon Brochure

ORBIT/FR pylons are support structures designed for low RCS measurements.

ORBIT/FR Customer Service Brochure

ORBIT/FR now offers four select post-warranty service plans focusing on maintenance, calibration, performance checks and of course quality customer service.

Positioning Equipment Catalog

This catalog is an updated version of the Positioning Equipment Catalog of Orbit/FR. It includes the positioner controllers, rotary positioners, linear positioners and model towers. Soon we will ad

Antenna Product Overview

At MVG, we design our antennas with outstanding performance in mind. It begins with a careful design process, alternating simulation and measurements.

DENTRO - On-line Visualization of Embedded Defects and Material Properties

Dentro LRX is a scanner that provides a full cross-sectional analysis of material on a continuous production line.

Absorber Product Overview

MVG's absorbers product overview, including standard, adapted and specialty products.

SAR and HAC test benches

MVG offers a range of Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) and Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) measurement systems for the test and certification of MTE.