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NeptuLink | The Customer Testimonials Video

By providing high quality and seamless connectivity on board, NeptuLink has been adopted widely by worldwide maritime professionals. 

Discover how this 4G antenna has improved the way they conduct business. 
Dive deeper into their stories in this one-minute video now! 

NeptuLink by MVG - Nouvelle version

Check out the latest video of the new version of NeptuLinkby MVG : a 4G and Wi-Fi system for Internet access in coastal areas.

NeptuLinkby MVG satisfies the communication needs of maritime travelers by delivering a continuous high-speed Internet connectivity (100 Mbps) up to 20 nautical miles offshore. Specifically designed with the maritime environment in mind, the new version of NeptuLinkby MVG is suitable for all vessel types. 

Sean from B-MAC recommends EME Guard XS @ NATE 2016

Watch Sean Sargent, B-Mac Wireless, Inc., chat to Jim Acree, MVG, Inc. at NATE 2016. Sean explains why he chooses EME Guard XS and how he uses this Personal Protection Monitor to ensure crews' RF Safety when working many feet up on a tower.

MVG's Corporate Video- 30 Year Anniversary

MVG launches its first corporate video in English on the occasion of its 30th anniversary. Through it we are proud to show our strengths, our core business, industry opportunities, and the innovations driving the company's vision and future.

Take a look at the interview of MVG's CEO, Philippe Garreau, who shares his insights about MVG's continuous growth, the challenges that we face and our commitment to our customers.