Stay connected 4G at sea with NeptuLink by MVG!


NeptuLink by MVG brings to your ship 4G high-speed internet access up to 100 Mbit/s, with ship-to-shore communication in a radius of approximately 20 nautical miles. With its rugged mechanical design, NeptuLink is made for the maritime environment. Developed with an international and recognized telecommunication laboratory, it takes into account the specific characteristics of radio wave propagation above the sea, as well as the effects of pitching and rolling motions on board.






NeptuLink 2019
NeptuLink by MVG

NeptuLink by MVG satisfies the communication needs of maritime travelers by delivering a continuous high-speed Internet connectivity (100 Mbps) up to 20 nautical miles offshore.
Specifically designed with the maritime environment in mind, the new version of NeptuLink by MVG is suitable for all vessel types. With reinforced mechanics, it is tailored to withstand harsh marine conditions: high winds, corrosive elements, the swells and lulls of the ocean. The Dual SIM allows users to select the most optimized Internet coverage thus avoid roaming cost while traveling between countries. NeptuLink by MVG is the ideal solution for both professional and leisure sailors.


Technical Features

User profile

For users looking for fast broadband internet access on board ships and various vessels in coastal areas (fishing boats, sail boats, yachts, scientific ships, wind farms, oil platforms, coast guard & sea rescue vessels, etc.) as well as in port areas (video transmission for crane operators, etc.). 

Maximum data rates

- LTE/4G Downlink: Up to 100 Mbps (20 MHz bandwidth), Up to 50 Mbps (10 MHz bandwidth)
- LTE/4G Uplink: Up to 50 Mbps (20 MHz bandwidth), Up to 25 Mbps (10 MHz bandwidth)
- HSPA+ Downlink: Up to 42 Mbps
- HSPA+ Uplink: Up to 5.76 Mbps


- Transceiver unit
- Connectors: 1 x LAN / PoE DC 24V, 1 x power connector DC 12V
- User manual


Neptulink Borinken Marine Group

Customer Testimonials

The Borinken Marine Group (BMG), a family-owned and operated tug and barge service provider in Puerto Rico uses NeptuLink to maintain communications and operations with their fleet, while providing added benefits for their crew.

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NeptuLink Sailing Vessel Ingenium

John and Boni Wagner-Stafford left Canada 3 years ago. Since 2015, they have been living on Ingenium, their 40-foot cruising sailboat.
As they aimed to establish a new life onboard while travelling by sea, John and Boni needed a good Internet connection in order to continue doing business no matter where they would be sailing.

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NeptuLink Abeille Bourbon

The Abeille Bourbon is an emblematic vessel.
Providing assistance, salvage and pollution remediation, this tug (abbreviated RIAS in French) from the BOURBON group is chartered by the French Navy and remains on call 365-days a year with two, 12-strong merchant navy crews that work alternate months. The vessel carries out emergency missions along the Atlantic Coast, particularly in the Ushant shipping lane, a maritime motorway that has approximately 120 ships passing through it every day.

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NeptuLink Solitaire Figaro

Having access to a high-speed connection at sea is of upmost importance for the famous La Solitaire Bompard Le Figaro 2016 race organizers as their challenge is manifold: ensure the security of 39 boats and their skippers at sea, monitor the race equity and broadcast the nautical race live without any interruption.

For its 47th edition in July 2016, La Solitaire Bompard Le Figaro asked MVG to become one of its official partners. Take a look at our customer testimonial to find out how NeptuLink helps the race organisers to benefit the 4G connectivity and make their first Live race broadcasting a success?

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NeptuLink Marine Professionals

Six months on from its commercial launch, in the run up to METSTRADE, Amsterdam, we spoke to three customers (Les Pilotes de la Loire, IFREMER and IXSurvey) among the first using NeptuLinkby MVG to find out how it’s working in their business and what difference it’s made.

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