Performance Series - EL/AZ Positioners: Medium Duty

The MVG-Orbit/FR performance series has recently been expanded to include the AL-428X series of medium-duty, two axes positioners. Thanks to their low profile design and advanced
drive mechanism, these symmetrical EL/AZ positioners ensure accurate, balanced rotation, and controllable velocity.
Their rugged and straightforward construction ensures maximum reliability and trouble-free operation, yielding the best size and weight / performance ratio. This series includes a counter weight option which improves overall system stability and accuracy while allowing for higher DUT loads.

Typically, the unit includes the main body, precise slew bearings, DC motors, gear reducers, encoder and limit switch assemblies. The antenna interface mounting plate surface is designed with a threaded mounting hole pattern for ease of use. A large variety of options is available for this ORBIT/FR standard product family. See the Options pages in the Positioners Overview or on the website for slip rings, rotary joints, high precision encoders, speed options and more.

型号: AL-4282-1, AL-4283-1, AL-4284-1, AL-4285-1