“设备安装后,经过一天的培训,StarLab马上成为Parrot Drones无人机开发和无线连接测试的重要工具。拥有StarLab前后的差距很明显, 我们现在可以优先采用天线测量技术,从而优化天线的设计和集成。”

Parrot Drones射频与连接团队技术主管 Meryam Abou El Anouar

Today, 5G is turning into a commercial reality. This next generation network holds enormous promise.

NeptuLink has given us exactly what we need: It provides a secure, reliable and easy to use Internet connection on all our tugboats. It's the perfect solution for our short-range communications.”.

By providing high quality and seamless connectivity on board, NeptuLink has been adopted widely by worldwide maritime professionals. 
Discover how this 4G antenna has improved the way they conduct business. 

We’re doing videoconference calls, we’re running our website, my wife is very active on social networks, we use a myriad of apps online… We completely depend on NeptuLink.”.

Wireless connectivity has become a key strategy for automotive companies, with modern vehicles being equipped with a multitude of wireless transmission systems including V2X.