“After installation and a day of training, the StarLab immediately became an essential tool in the development and connectivity testing of Parrot drones. We noticed the difference instantly.

在八月欧洲天线学校暑期学堂(ESoA)中国站举办之际,微波杂志独家采访了MVG首席科学家Lars Forged。采访涉及天线测试领域的最新科技,5G测试解决方案以及MVG在国际天线测试标准制定过程起到的作用和MVG在天线测试测量方面的竞争优势。精彩问答,不容错过!


Once again MVG will be participating as a Gold Sponsor in the Antenna Test and Measurement Society (ATMS) event. This year the 9th ATMS Annual conference will be taking place in Goa, India from February 1st to February 3rd.

MVG (Microwave Vision Group) announces a contract to supply a global leader with a large shielded chamber at one of their UK locations.