5G NR expands into higher frequencies and uses new technologies that increase complexity in the way signals are built, transmitted and processed compared to 4G.

引领创新天线测试技术的系统生产厂商——法国Microwave Vision Group (以下简称MVG)报告称,其高精度、专供实验室使用的多探头天线测试测量系统StarLab的订单量飙增了44%。*

“After installation and a day of training, the StarLab immediately became an essential tool in the development and connectivity testing of Parrot drones. We noticed the difference instantly.

MVG 正式推出5G产品系列“Little Big Lab”的最创新产品 - StarLab 50 GHz测试系统。该产品是全球首台可测试高达50 GHz高频段的多探头测试测量系统。

基于5G的深入发展,新行业和新应用也随之层出不穷,作为天线测试测量领域的行业领袖,MVG为响应市场对于高频测试的需求,研发出划时代产品StarLab 50 GHz,以使市场能及时应对5G天线测试中的多方挑战。

5G lays the foundation for a connected society in the near future. A world where everything that benefits from being connected will be connected….

Today, the whole telecommunication industry is buzzing about the arrival of 5G, which is expected between 2017 and 2020.

法国MVG在2017年3月19日至24日于巴黎召开的欧洲天线与传播会议(EuCAP)期间,首度向业界专家和媒体朋友展示了位于巴黎工厂的StarLab 50GHz模型,并做了相关测试的演示。该款高端产品迎合电信、航空航天,以及国防领域主要客户的各种严苛测量需求,具有非常广阔的商业前景。随着这台专为5G打造的新一代StarLab 50GHz产品的亮相,MVG正式全面启动2017年的全球5G战略布局!

MVG will be participating as a silver sponsor in Electronic Design Innovation Conference (EDI CON) Beijing from April 19th to April 21th, 2016.

With developments of technology in the wireless industry moving at a fast pace, the requirements for those serving the industry to be faster, more efficient and accurate are consequently more demanding.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our latest video featuring the new and improved StarLab.