Discover MVG's state-of-the-art Compact Range Feed Horns

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Discover MVG's state-of-the-art Compact Range Feed Horns

Publicado en 18/05/2022 15:00:00

MVG's state-of-the-art compact range feed horns are specially designed as a precision solution for the illumination of CATR systems, direct range illumination, and illumination of reflector antennas. A new generation of high-performance octave bandwidth dual-polarized low gain feeds is now available.

These feeds, referenced as series LGF-11, exhibit a stable rotationally symmetric radiation pattern, matching the reflector illumination requirements and ensuring a limited amplitude taper in the quiet zone (QZ). MVG compact range feed horns have excellent cross polarization within the reflector field of view.


  • Rotationally symmetric radiation pattern
  • Low cross polarization
  • Stable amplitude taper with frequency
  • Optimized reflector edge and chamber wall illumination


  • Illumination of CATR systems
  • Direct range illumination
  • Illumination of reflector antennas




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