Orbit/FR expertise stems from a solid antenna engineering base established way back at the beginning of the antenna industry. This company has brought to the MVG group its reputed excellence in advanced precision mechanical positioning subsystems, as well as full measurement systems and services
in far-field, compact range, near-field, RCS, and radome test & measurement.
Orbit/FR was recognized throughout the world for its commitment and expertise in microwave test & measurement technologies and for its unparalleled skill in providing solutions for complex customer requirements, particularly in the Aerospace and Defense industry.

A Pillar of the Industry Evolves

The story of Orbit/FR began in the USA, in 1980, when noted antenna engineer Richard Flam created Flam & Russell, Inc (FR). FR originated as an engineering firm providing solutions and services to the defense and commercial markets. As the company grew, it became a pioneer of antenna and RCS measurement techniques. FR's accomplishments include creating the first network analyzer-based RCS system in 1984, delivering the first PC-based FR944 manual pattern recorder in 1986, and expanding their product line to include the FR959 fully automated measurement suite. Over the years, FR engineers contributed to the advancement of technology in the areas of commercial aviation, space and medical equipment.

In 1985, Orbit Advanced Technologies, Inc (OATI) was formed to focus on the design and development of high-performance positioning subsystems and components.
In the mid-90's, FR and Orbit Advanced Technologies merged to form ORBIT/FR, headquartered in Horsham, PA. At the same time, Orbit/FR became a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ stock exchange (ORFR). Three additional subsidiaries were created: ORBIT/FR Engineering, Ltd, ORBIT/FR-Europe GmbH, and Advanced ElectroMagnetics (AEMI).

Research and Development Advancing Antenna Measurement

For over 3 decades, research and development enabled it to provide distinguished contributions to Antenna & RCS measurements as well as to areas of electromagnetic propagation, compact range technology, anechoic chamber design & analysis, antenna design, microwave instrumentation, automation software, and manufacturing technology.

Since 2008 Orbit/FR is an Integral Part of MVG

Orbit/FR has been a Microwave Vision company since 2008, proudly contributing its expertise, along with SATIMO and AEMI, to form the international corporation MVG, and participating in the comprehensive product and service portfolio for its loyal, international customer base.  

A Reputation of Quality

Branding Orbit/FR as part of MVG has been a challenge as it had maintained a strong reputation in its own right for decades. Today we confidently present MVG as the mother company while recognizing the reputation of Orbit/FR as a strong force within MVG.

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