3 Things to Know about Testing Mobile Devices OTA

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3 Things to Know about Testing Mobile Devices OTA

Publié le 19/03/2024 18:13:37

Over-the-Air (OTA) testing of mobile devices is necessary to ensure their conformance to industry performance standards for technologies such as LTE, 5G, and WiFi protocols. It is also an essential step in the CTIA certification process.
What is needed to test your device OTA?
•    An anechoic chamber to shield the test from external RF interference sources
•    A calibrated measurement system, such as an SG 24, to measure the OTA performance metrics
•    A radio communciations tester- to establish a bi-directional wireless connection with the DUT (Device Under Test)
•    A reliable non-perturbing and repeatable measurement setup for OTA tests: 
o    The mobile device is set to operate in different modes and scenarios representative of real-world usage, including free-space, hand-held, and head/ear positions, supporting voice, data, or video streaming usage modes.  
What is tested?
•    Performance Evaluation: Although other metrics are evaluated, below are the major performance metrics of OTA testing:
o    Total Radiated Power (TRP) - The total integrated power radiated in all directions
o    Total Isotropic Sensitivity (TIS) - The total integrated sensitivity of the device to signals from all directions
o    Throughput - For OTA MIMO, the throughput of the device is measured for various channel/propagation models as a function of direction
•    Protocol Conformance: 
o    The system assesses whether the mobile device adheres to specific communication protocols. This includes evaluating parameters like modulation quality, signal-to-noise ratio, and error rates.

What results to expect? 
•    Data Analysis & Report Generation:
o    the collected measurement data, including the device’s performance metrics, is summarized to quickly identify any issues or non-compliance with standards. This information helps determine if improvements are necessary to meet regulatory requirements.

Testing your device in a CTIA certifiable system, such as the MVG SG 24, ensures fast and accurate antenna measurements and reliable OTA test results as you prepare your device for CTIA certification.
Contact us to learn more about how the SG 24 can help you develop and ready your mobile device for certification.


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