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Element Selects MVG As Preferred Vendor for the Expansion of their RF, EMC, & SAR Test Chamber Capabilities in the UK

The reason we keep coming back to MVG is that we have the confidence that if things go wrong, MVG will step in and make it work.

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Navigating RF Challenges Mediaco’s Innovation Journey with the EME Guard XS

Tower techs need devices to detect RF waves. It’s more than a need— they can’t work safely without an RF detector.

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Using MVG Multi-probe Technology to Tackle Complex Antenna Characterization for a Satellite Feed Antenna

I appreciate the seamless process of viewing radiation patterns and boresight gain diagrams on the screen of the MVG lab computer. I can almost immediately compare them to previous measurements that I...

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SGS Leverages MVG Antenna Test System For Rapid Automotive Antenna Testing

MVG has an incredible R&D team and has been instrumental in providing additional technical support as we have built out new automotive antenna test techniques using the MVG chamber.

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