Compact Ranges
Mini-Compact Range
4000.00 MHz – 110000.00 MHz

Created to meet the high frequency testing challenge! The Mini-Compact Range and chamber assembly has been designed to enable cost effective testing of microwave and millimeter-wave antennas, with a quiet zone diameter up to 0.5 m. The system provides a portable, accessible test tool for small antenna designs, it is particularly well-suited for high frequency antenna measurements and production testing. A complete system (RF, VNA, controller, camera, ventilation, PC, etc.) can be powered up with one single touch.

CR-M8, CR-M12, CR-M20
Measurement capabilities
  • Gain
  • Beamwidth
  • Cross polarization
  • Sidelobe levels
  • 3D radiation pattern
  • Radiation pattern in any polarization (linear or circular)
Frequency Range
  • CR-M8: 18 - 110 GHz
  • CR-M12: 8 - 110 GHz
  • CR-M20: 4 - 110 GHz
Max. size of DUT
  • Up to 20 in (50 cm) diameter
  • Up to 100 lbs (45 kg) for Azimuth (AZ) Only
  • Up to 29 lbs (13 kg) for Roll/AZ (according to EL axis)
  • Up to 50 lbs (23 kg) for Roll/AZ with AL-161-1P
Typical dynamic range
  • 80 dB