Antennas for High Power Applications
Omni-directional High Power Antennas
800.00 MHz – 2900.00 MHz

Omni-directional High Power Antennas are a solution for high power emission on cellular network frequencies.

CD080-B, CD080-A, CD180-B, CD180-A, CD200-A, CD230-A
Technical Performance
  • Radiates power uniformly in horizontal plane
  • Directive pattern shape in vertical plane
  • High power up to 400 W
  • Easy to install on a vehicle
  • Resists harsh environmental conditions
Delivered documents
  • Conformity certificate (measured VSWR)
  • Instructions manual
Related Standard
  • MIL-STD-810
  • Polycarbonate radome
  • Co-linear dipole
  • Integrated mounting flange
  • Wood storage case (optional)