Reference Antennas

mm-Wave Chip Reference Antennas

24250 MHz - 64000 MHz

The MVG Chip Reference Antennas have been specifically developed as a reference or “gold” standard antenna for micro-probed antenna measurements. These ceramic antennas are designed to interface with 150 μm through 250 μm pitch GSG micro-probes, allowing them to be used in MVG-ORBIT/FR’s μ -Lab millimeter wave antenna test chamber, or any other 60 GHz antenna measurement system where a GSG micro-probed antenna reference is needed. These reference antennas have a nominal gain of 12 dBi. Different models are available with two orientations of linear polarization with respect to the micro-probe axis, and either top side or bottom side main beam directions.


  • SGCA-27-U-H -
  • SGCA-27-L-H -
  • SGCA-60-U-E
mm-Wave Chip Reference Antennas


  • High stability
  • Excellent correlation between measurements and analysis
  • High efficiency


  • Designed to minimize interaction with micro-probe
  • Patented EBG structure to suppress surface wave radiation
  • Different versions for upper/lower hemisphere and two polarization orientations.
  • Compatible with 150μm-250μm pitch microprobes
  • Each antenna comes with a unique Serial Number for traceability


  • Hermetic material
  • Gold conductors
  • High tolerance for temperature variations


  • Typical performance data (TYMEDA™)
  • Measured return loss data
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