Rotary Positioners

AZ/EL Positioners: Light Duty

The new MVG-Orbit/FR compact, low profile light duty positioners provide accurate, balanced rotation, and controllable velocity in the positioning of light duty antennas under test. Their compact and low-profile design optimizes space in test configurations as well as high operational performance, yielding the best size and weight/performance ratio.


  • AL-4355-1 -
  • AL-4356-1 -
  • AL-4357-1 -
  • AL-4380-1 -
  • AL-4381-1
AZ/EL Positioners: Light Duty


  • Compact, low profile design
  • High angular positioning
  • Adjustable travel in all axes
  • Rotary joint 18/40 GHz (Optional)
  • Upper AZ through hole (Optional)
  • Vertical Loads Ranging from 13-600 lbs (6-270 kg)
  • Turntable Diameters Ranging from 3.5-12.5 in (90-318 mm)
  • Low Backlash Design
  • Precision Bearings
  • Closed-Loop Servo Control
  • Industry-Standard Wiring
  • Encoders for Optimum Speed Regulation & Control
  • Fully Enclosed Design of Drive Gear Train & Data Take-Off
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