Defect Detection

StarProd LTB

The StarProd LTB is a unique defect detection bench for linear array antennas such as BTS. Tests performed on this bench instantly identify defects such as flawed or absent soldering, swapped wiring or short circuits. Results provide information on the position and type of any existing error. Operators can then immediately step in to make corrections knowing precisely how and where they are needed. StarProd LTB also performs tilt computations which can reveal a misconfiguration, or a mechanical or RF component defect. The end result: improved production processes and product quality.

StarProd LTB


  • Locates potential defects
  • Gives the tilt value of each port
  • Provides test results in less than 2 minutes
  • Keeps misalignment and operator errors in check
  • Easy to use: no RF background required, user-friendly software High repeatability
  • Suitable for directive antennas such as BTS
  • Makes systematic testing possible for consistent quality control


  • No defect
  • Swap
  • Open/short
  • Out of tolerance
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