INSIGHT is a unique and multi frequency advanced post processing tool for antenna analysis and diagnostics. Thanks to an innovative formulation of the inverse electromagnetic problem, INSIGHT is the first software able to reconstruct authentic equivalent electromagnetic current distributions and extreme near fields on your antenna under test from antenna measurement data (Near-Field, Far-Field). INSIGHT offers a complete and detailed 3D representation of the radiating properties of the antenna. A new link between measurement and simulations is available by INSIGHT. This allows, starting from the antenna measurement, for the creation of an equivalent model in the form of a near-field Huygens' box. The equivalent model can be used as a measured source in numerical simulations of the most complex scenarios. Links with the computational electromagnetic (CEM) software CST Microwave Studio, Ansys HFSS, Ansys Savant, FEKO, ADF and WIPL-D are available.

Last release INSIGHT 2019 includes the following improvements and new features:

  • Code rewriting of the INSIGHT core for a global reduction of computational time.
  • Multi frequency formulation based on interpolation techniques for fast computations.
  • Upgrade of Fast Method for optimization of larges problems.
  • Prediction of allocated Random Access Memory (RAM) before calculation of the currents.
  • Fast calculation of measured near-field Huygens' boxes (NF sources) for CEM tools.
  • Export of gain calibrated measured NF sources for gain normalized radiation patterns in CEM tools.
  • 3D animation of the radiated field from the equivalent currents.
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) restyling.

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  • Speed up antenna development
  • Diagnose antenna radiation pattern
  • Calculate safety perimeters
  • Investigate the measurement setup
  • Filter the measurement
  • Detect spurious radiation
  • Extrapolate truncation areas
  • Source for numerical computation: The EQC is a highly accurate source for numerical computations of the antenna in a larger EM problem


  • Multi frequency formulation based on interpolation techniques for fast computations
  • 3D animation of the radiated field from the equivalent currents
  • 3D equivalent electric and magnetic current distribution reconstruction
  • Innovative algorithm approach
  • Currents to near-field transformation
  • Definition and discretization of 3D surface
  • Cutting-edge 3D viewer
  • Powerful filtering capabilities

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