Season's Greetings: Advanced Test Tech Helps Santa

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As the busiest time of the year comes to the North Pole,

Santa's elves are making and testing the latest gifts for the awaiting souls,

"Our workshop has the most advanced systems! We'll quickly make toys,

Enough to supply all the girls and boys,

We just need a few minutes to test if all's working right,

So everything will be ready before Christmas night."

As they worked fast and accurately in the lab with a will,

Soon all was quiet in the workshop and mill.

For old Santa finally said, "Test results are in, and I think we are ready,

Prepare the sleigh too, make sure it is steady."

His announcement rang well, the happy elves sang out as they twirled,

"We've tested everything to ensure to all a fully connected world!"

From all of us at MVG, we wish you very Happy Holidays and a rewarding and successful New Year 2023!

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