On demand webinar: Post-processing Techniques in 5G, Automotive, and Space Antenna Measurements

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On-demand Webinar: Post-processing Techniques

In this 2-hour webinar hosted by MVG and UMP on Post-processing Techniques in 5G, Automotive, and Space Antenna Measurements, it offers a fast-paced introduction to modern applications of post-processing techniques.

What will you learn from this webinar?

The information from antenna under test, antenna measurement systems and electromagnetic measurement results allows for the improvements in: 

  • Extraction of electromagnetic sources in the antenna surface. 
  • Detection of errors in antenna design. 
  • Measurement results by cancelling echoes, leakage, noise... 
  • Extrapolation of radiation patterns to unmeasured angles. 
  • Combination of measurements and simulations to emulate the effect of the environment. 

Following a brief introduction to near and far field antenna measurement theory, the course will focus on these techniques.  

The second part of the course will go on to explain: 

  • Time-gating techniques 
  • Extraction of equivalent sources through inverse electromagnetic problems 
  • Use of holographic techniques for extracting equivalent currents on a surface 
  • Filtering of measurement results using spherical or cylindrical near field mode expansion 

The final section will cover different applications of those techniques; applications for BTS antennas, automotive measurement, RADAR systems, and satellite antennas will be presented.


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