Non-Invasive SAR Using OTA Measurements and Numerical Post Processing


Non-Invasive SAR Using OTA Measurements and Numerical Post Processing.png

In the last few years, the use of wireless devices has increased significantly, the evaluation of the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is fundamental to comply with human safety regulations. Different methodologies can be used for SAR assessment, crucial parameters are the reduction of testing time and the achievable accuracy. Recently a Non-Invasive SAR evaluation technique based on passive Near-field measurements and numerical assisted post-processing has been studied and validated for a connectorized radiating element. In this paper this technique is applied to an Over The Air (OTA) measurements combined with post processing and numerical simulations of a Golden Wireless Device (GWD). Reference measurements using a standard legacy SAR measurement system have been performed and compared with the proposed technique showing a good agreement. These results validate the approach and confirm the applicability of Non-Invasive SAR as a faster alternative for pre-compliance SAR measurements for modern day communication devices.


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